The ultimate girl crush...

Left Field shares a collection of stories about entrepreneurial-minded, passionate, and driven women who are up to big things.  These are the notes from the field.   The place where the risk takers and rule breakers come to play. They are the ones who found their calling in sometimes unexpected places, and weren't afraid to pursue something a little unconventional.

Like many great things, this came out of left field. After coming back from a girls getaway, I found myself awake at night thinking about the round-table discussions from the weekends' past. Over candlelight and an aggressive amount of tacos, a bunch of bad-ass babes opened up about their career paths, their wildest dreams, and their passion projects. And it just felt good. Once back to reality, a deep internet search soon revealed a sheer lack of forum detailing and celebrating the journey of female success.

So I made one. 


meet tianna

Being vulnerable, sharing who we really are with the world — it's terrifying. But it can also come with a lot of reward when we finally take the plunge. My name is Tianna Grey. Many things about me are paired opposites — I'm an extrovert who enjoys being alone. I am satisfied most when I am using my body or mind. I love logic — but am also extremely emotionally driven. I am motivated by the people in my life who have shown a complete lack of fear or discretion in pursuing their greatest passion, and while trying to unearth what my own was, out of the woodwork came this project. Fueled by the realization that my life was full of amazing women doing super impressive things, women who challenged me immensely, I felt compelled to tell their stories in hopes that they could help other women feel excited about scaring the shit out of themselves and jumping two feet into what in their heart of hearts they knew they should be pursuing. So this is Left Field.